TGA Minimo Plus Mobility Scooters Are Just The Ticket To Ride Stagecoach Buses

Joan (67) and retired school caretaker Fred Blois (72) from Heathfield, East Sussex, have recently discovered greater freedom thanks to ownership of two folding, bus-friendly TGA mobility scooters and the support of Stagecoach South East.

Mr and Mrs Blois are a lovely couple who are both new owners of a pioneering type of folding mobility scooter a TGA Minimo Plus. As they both struggle with walking and general mobility, these new scooters will ensure they remain independent and have the ability to travel on public transport. This is essential as Fred is struggling to drive and they live in a rural area with limited amenities nearby. Joan read about the new lightweight Minimo Plus and felt it would be ideal for both their needs however it was important to check it would be suitable for bus travel before purchase. Hence she contacted her local bus operator, Stagecoach, to ascertain whether this scooter would be permitted to travel and how she could test its suitability. Stagecoach invited her down to the Eastbourne Depot and with the support of a TGA representative present, Joan and Fred where able to test drive and take a brief safety assessment in and around a whole bus. 

Joan says: 'TGA and Stagecoach have been so helpful to my husband and I. The fact that Shaun from TGA brought a Minimo Plus down to the Eastbourne bus depot so we could try it on and off a bus was fantastic. Richard at Stagecoach was also excellent as he showed us the safe way to get onboard using the ramp and how to park it inside. We also tried read more.....

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