TGA Mobility Scooter 'Scooty' Helps 'Spybear' Tweeting Acapella Singer With MS Retain Her Freedom

Despite living with MS, Caroline Gray from Bromley, Kent, has been able to continue getting out and performing in her acapella singing group thanks to a TGA Eclipse known as 'Scooty' and its onboard companion 'Spybear.'

Caroline was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis over 25 years ago. However it has only been in the past year that she has developed mobility problems. Following early medical retirement from a position in local government, Caroline retrained to become an independent Counsellor. Now she runs her own practice and outside of work, Caroline's ability to access performing arts venues, the coast and countryside has been maintained by a compact mobility scooter nicknamed 'Scooty'.

This orange TGA Eclipse scooter dismantles into four easy-to-lift parts so Caroline can take it in the car. She is dependent on her Eclipse for independence away from the car especially when negotiating busy locations such as Bluewater shopping complex,exhibitions and galleries. These journeys and other 'adventures' around rural destinations are all recorded on her Twitter account - posting as 'Spybear'.

Her toy bear Oliver travels with Caroline and reports on various items ranging from access issues through to positive experiences out and about.

Caroline explains: "Scooty, Oliver and I go adventuring everywhere together now. Scooty has made such a difference to my life. Before buying my Eclipse I had tried other mobility scooters but they scared me and were jerky. My Eclipse is smooth and easy to drive; I really liked all the different colours it was available in and had to go for one which matched as far as possible my orange Motability car. Walking any distance is so painful for me these days but my scooter allows me to continue enjoying trips out without discomfort." Read more.....

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