TGA – The Name To Trust For Mobility Scooters

TGA has been the nation’s trusted, specialist name for mobility scooters since 1985. Its range of quality and reliable brands include the world-record-breaking Breeze as seen on BBC Top Gear, the eye-catching Vita range and revolutionary folding Minimo. The TGA range is the widest available today and every mobility scooter delivers independence with peace of mind through unbeatable design and trustworthy after-sales support.

TGA began providing quality mobility scooters 30 years ago with one focus in mind – to give freedom to people with mobility issues through products that were comfortable, safe and stylish.  Since the mid 1980’s, TGA has developed a market-leading collection of scooters and an unsurpassed support package to help everyone looking for increased independence. This caring, family-run business based in Suffolk supplies the whole nation with TGA scooters that make a huge difference to individual lifestyles…helping so many avoid being housebound.


TGA takes pride in providing a caring service that includes full assessment of individual needs, comprehensive warranties and honest, upfront prices. The straightforward path to ownership of a TGA scooter all begins with a personalised assessment to ensure the right person gets the right scooter. This is so important for safety and to help people gain the most out of life. Maybe individuals are looking to take their scooter in the car, hence a folding Minimo or compact Eclipse car-boot scooter would be ideal. Other people might be looking for a larger, more rugged model to tackle off-road country tracks – then an 8mph Breeze S4 or Vita X could be the answer. As there are so many TGA models to choose from, talking to or meeting a TGA representative is the best way to start…far more personal than buying on the Internet! This committed support continues when you buy your scooter and beyond – TGA’s warranties and servicing have a highly regarded track record that is second-to-none. Why choose a scooter supply that might hide extra costs and let you drive away without proper training or after-sales advice when TGA will not let you down?

TGA understands just providing quality new scooters and reliable service is not enough. TGA always goes the extra mile for every customer and provides a whole range of added benefits. These include Motability approved leasing, a vast range of nearly-new stock, free home demonstrations and specialist insurance. TGA thinks about everything that a scooter owner may need so that hassle-free freedom, without any worries, is always guaranteed. Each models give real long-lasting value and as so many TGA customers say, their lives’ have been completely transformed by choosing a mobility scooter from this leading, specialist name.


“I am a disabled war veteran who was house bound until I discovered the TGA Breeze mobility scooter. With the help of TGA, I also managed to attend the Remembrance Parade in London and pay respects to my recently lost Nephew from the same regiment thanks to a fast-tracked delivery of this remarkable machine.”
Ernie Taylor, Norfolk, TGA Breeze S4 owner


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