The Outdoor Guide with Julia Bradbury showcases accessible walks with pioneering WHILL powerchair

TGA Mobility is delighted to announce it is working with the outdoor online resource ‘The Outdoor Guide’, co-founded by TV presenter Julia Bradbury and her sister Gina, to showcase more wheelchair friendly walks using the WHILL powerchair.

Julia and Gina comments: “We are absolutely delighted to be working with TGA Mobility. They are a like-minded family business and together we are confident that we can really help each other to promote wheel friendly walks for all abilities”.

WHILL from TGA is a pioneering new PEV (Personal Electric Vehicle) which is revolutionising powered wheelchair design. It has been designed by leading talents from the Japanese motor industry and represents a new perspective on independent mobility. Following significant success worldwide particularly in the Far East and America, TGA has recently introduced WHILL to the UK market so style-conscious individuals can benefit from world-class technology. WHILL encompasses pioneering ‘omni’ front wheels that deliver forward and lateral rotation – significantly reducing its turning circle and providing effortless manoeuvrability. Combined with powerful four-wheel drive, WHILL is the ideal solution for negotiating confined spaces or terrain such as sand and gravel – this is why The Outdoor Guide with Julia Bradbury has partnered with TGA.

Since launch TGA WHILL has generated significant media interest including coverage on ITV News. This high-level press coverage is set to continue through The Outdoor Guide (TOG) which is affiliated with the popular TV presenter Julia Bradbury. Julia is synonymous for her love of the outdoors and is best known for co-presenting  BBC Countryfile and Watchdog on BBC1. Her latest series on walks around Britain, following a move to ITV, generated impressive viewing figures. Julia’s walks are featured on The Outdoor Guide which is an informative and engaging website spearheaded by Julia’s sister, Gina. TOG has its own film crew and had exclusive access to the behind the scenes production of Julia Bradbury’s walks so the quality of content on its website is outstanding. 

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