This is M.E.

Exhaustion, pain and IBS

Always tired despite plenty of rest

Sleep in the day, can't sleep at night

Really feel like giving up the fight

Can't walk no more, can't exercise

All my clothes have gone up a size

Can't bear no sight can't bear no sound

Can't cope with too many people around

Memory gone, thoughts disjointed

Unreliable, friends disappointed

Depression takes hold makes me morose

It's those closest who suffer the most

Intolerant to food, intolerant to drink

How much lower can I sink?

Restless legs keep me awake

And then with fever I begin to shake

How much more do you need to see

That this is real, this is M.E.

I guess the above sounds rather negative.  The feelings of pain and helplessness are negative at times and I describe them as being in the pit.  However, being in the pit always seems to make me more determined to continue and succeed.  I'm having a slump this week health wise and it gets me down, but I've always got plans for the future and the present.  I just wish sometimes I had the health and strength to do everything I want to do :)

I've signed up for a course which will teach me to advise people with ME and CFS how to apply for benefits and fill in forms next week, not sure if it is a sensible move as it will tire me out immensely but it does mean it is another way I can help others and by doing so, help myself by feeling more useful x


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