Trabasack October - including Tips for Life in Bed, Handsteady Drinking Aid and Low Cost AAC apps

Trabasack October Newsletter - All the best from our blogs and websites

Trabasack Newsletter 

October 2013

The latest innovations and news in healthcare

Things never stop being busy at Trabasack HQ. If we're not designing new products we're attending events or sharing important news from the disability community.

As our first newsletter we'll be rounding up some of our best and most popular articles of the last couple of months to ensure you've all had a chance to read them. We've also included our first product of the month and we think you'll agree it's a great choice!

Look below for our favourite stories so far and get some fantastic tips for managing long term bed rest, some of the best low cost communication apps on the market. We're also pleased to announce we'll be attending the Moving On Accessible Transport Symposium and are sharing our post dedicated to the history of speech synthesisers. 

We hope you enjoy our first newsletter and take the time to read and enjoy our stories.

If you have any suggestions of ideas for future newsletters don't hesitate to get in touch - we'd love to hear any thoughts!

Klatt's Last Tapes

Read our informative post discussing the history of speech synthesis. Based on the BBC Radio 4 documentary narrated by Lucy Hawking, daughter of Stephen (pictured above), we take a look at the history of speech synthesisers. We've also produced a video and transcribed the documentary to cover all bases and ensure you get the most out of the post! Read the full post here.  

Tips for Living in Bed

In early September we were honoured to share the tips of one of our favourite Trabasaxons and bloggers, Dannilion. Danni is currently unable to leave her bed but despite this has a fantastic attitude and wonderful outlook. She posted her own blog post all about how you can make living from bed more manageable and we decided to spread her word further sharing some of her tips.Read our full post here

See Trabasack at Moving On

We’re proud to announce that the Trabasack team will be attending and exhibiting at Moving On – The Accessible Transport Symposium in Coventry.  The event is bringing together individuals in the field of inclusive transport. We’re thrilled to be involved in the event. It takes place on 23rd and 24th November at Coventry Transport Museum. Read our full post about the event here



Low Cost Communication Apps

The Coalition isn't exactly making it easy to manage daily life at the moment. The cost of living is increasing and when communication is an issue it becomes even more expensive. Some of the more established  AAC brands may seem hugely expensive, especially if you don’t have funding in any way and especially in light of recent benefit cuts. In this post we try to highlight some of the more affordable apps on the market to give people a chance to communication.Read our suggestions here.

Product of the Month - HandSteady

We've chosen the versatile HandSteady as our first product of the month. We really rate this handy kitchen aid, created by Southampton graduate turned inventor Chris Peacock. The HandSteady looks like a regular drinking cup but has the simple addition of a rotating handle removing the pain and difficulty some people with dexterity problems experience when using a fixed handle cup. You can buy the HandSteady for just £39.99.

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