Up, Up and Away With Inclusive Hot Air Ballooning!

Once again Aerobility are delighted to be attending the Mobility Roadshow, and in this, the shows 30th year, we are pleased to be showcasing some of the most exciting aviation opportunities available to disabled people in the UK.

Aerobility are the only charity in the UK to exclusively operate Aircraft for the benefit of the Disabled community, and this year we are adding Hot Air Ballooning to our activities.

Following trials last year, Aerobility have chosen the duo chair as the ideal apparatus to enable disabled people to fully participate in this exciting sport. The chair which can perhaps best be described as an open gondola; enables easy access for those with limited mobility. Once safely seated and strapped in, the balloon can be fully operated from the seated position.

Aerobility plan to assist at least two disabled people to obtain a Ballooning Private Pilot’s Licence within the year.

Visitors will be able to see and try the actual Duo Chair on the Aerobility Stand. Not that we have neglected our core activity of flying fixed wing aircraft.

Over the years many Roadshow visitors have gone on to take advantage of our subsidised trial flights. These flights enable people with varying impairments to fly our modified Piper aircraft.

Visitors to the Aerobility stand L18 will be able to operate our fully accessible flight simulator, and talk to disabled pilots about the opportunities available to would be disabled aviators.

Further Information: info@aerobility.com www.aerobility.com 0303 303 1230

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