West Sussex ornamental duck owner out-foxes the foxes thanks to Alpacas and TGA mobility scooter

Trevor Bennett, 77 from The Witterings, has been able to combat fox attacks on his rare breed ducks through ownership of two 'guard dog' Alpacas that are cared for using his TGA Breeze S4 mobility scooter

Trevor is a retired property developer who enjoyed a successful 25-year career and now lives with his wife in rural West Sussex. They own around 1.5 acres of land that includes a large, picturesque pond that is home to their flock of ornamental ducks. Unfortunately the number of ducks has been seriously reduced due to fox attacks in recent years so Trevor decided to purchase two Alpacas to guard his birds. 

Read more on how Trevor out-foxes the foxes http://www.tgamobility.co.uk/2014/06/11/west-sussex-ornamental-duck...

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