What happens after we have collected the stairlift for recycling?

Once one of our engineers has visited you and removed the stairlift (or chairlift) it is taken to our factory in Keighley, West Yorkshire.  One of our skilled engineers will assess the stairlift initially and then decide what to do with it.

Some stairlifts will not be suitable for reconditioning and resale so the engineer will dismantle the stairlift ensuring that re-useable parts will be retained and place into stock.  Any parts that can't be re-used will be scrapped and recycled in the best possible way environmentally.

If the engineer assesses that the stairlift is suitable for reconditioning then the stairlift will be stripped down (the picture illustrates a partly stripped down stairlift) and each component will be tested.  Any damaged or faulty components will be replaced. The engineer will then thoroughly clean the stairlift ready for resale.  Each type of stairlift has a different checklist that the engineers work through and all reconditioned stairlifts are tracked through the process by recording which engineer prepared the chair and carriage, which engineer prepared the track and who completed the kit box for each chair.

This process allows us to provide a 12 month warranty for our stairlifts and they are as good as new by the time we've finished reconditioning them.

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