What If you did one thing every week to make a difference in accessibility and inclusion?

Here's a link to an interesting and thought-provoking article by Maria Zedda about taking the lead in improving accessibility.


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Comment by Paul Richoux on June 9, 2016 at 12:59

Hi Robin,

Thought provoking indeed. I do wonder to what extent some of these need to be stated and should be obvious. I do agree that making people aware of the difficulties and access needs faced by people who have disabilities is a top priority towards improving overall accessibility.

How often in the news do we hear of someone experiencing a shocking and humiliating situation which boils down to people not knowing, understanding or realising the needs of some people.

Guide dog owners being barred from shops or restaurants for having a dog is a common one which springs to mind but I'm sure there are many more examples.

Thanks for sharing

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