wheelAIR Diversify Their Online Sales With New “Try Before You Buy” Scheme

Cooling backrest cushion start up, wheelAIR, remain cutting edge in their e-commerce sales strategy by offering their website customers the option to try out the wheelAIR before they buy. They are also making purchase easier for customers by offering a payment plan. 

‘Try before you buy’ will allow wheelchair users to test the wheelAIR in the comfort of their own homes over a period of a few weeks. With no strings attached, if the wheelAIR is not for them, the customer only pays for shipment.   

The wheelAIR was designed in Scotland by in 2015. Using inbuilt fan technology, it cools the back and reduces the users’ core temperature by taking away excess heat and moisture. This allows for instant comfort and better temperature control. The cushion also offers extra support through a unique blend of carefully selected foams.

wheelAIR remain market leaders in innovative strategy for sales and marketing. As founder and Managing Director, Corien Staels commented: “A modern appreciation of what our customers want and need has always been core to us. Our new initiative allows wheelchair users to make sure wheelAIR is right for them before committing completely. Particularly with mobility products, we recognise testing is hugely important.”

She continued, “We want to respond to this as much as we can with our offering.”

wheelAIR have also shared that the ‘Try Before You Buy’ can be offered by their UK dealers too.

wheelAIR brand ambassador double Paralympian and European champion, Michael Kerr, said on the initiative: “Having options like ‘try before you buy’ really helps wheelchair users. It means we can try out innovative new products like wheelAIR without needing to take the plunge to buy if the product isn’t completed suited. A great idea!”

wheelAIR are currently launching the “try before you buy” for online customers in the UK, but will be making the scheme international in the future.   

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