Blackwood is one of Scotland’s leading providers of housing and care services, with a large number of our customers living with either physical or mental disabilities. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve lives and increase the level of independence for people who live with disabilities


The Blackwood Student Design Award 2014


The purpose of the Blackwood Student Design Award is to discover and champion brilliant and innovative designs that will improve standards of living and help people be more independent. If you have an idea that could change lives, now is your opportunity to showcase and develop it to its full potential! The winner will receive £500 prize money and the support from Blackwood to carry their design further.


What you need to do


Sign up to bespoken totally free and post your idea in the Student Design Challenge forum. Your design brief should cover no more than one A4 sheet of paper, should be accompanied by a brief video of you explaining it (no more than 1 minute) and should meet the following criteria:


  • It is an innovative and original idea
  • It has the potential to change lives
  • It will enable people and make them more independent




Although we initially stated that all entries had to be in by the 31st of July, we have decided to extended this to the 31st of October to allow more people to get involved. The final winner will be announced around the end of November. Please let us know if you have a ready-made prototype of your design and don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions regarding the Blackwood Student Design Award 2014.


NB Please be aware that bespoken is an open forum so if you need to protect the IP for any aspect of your design then you should do this in advance.

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We have decided to extend the cut off date for entries to the 31st of October in order to allow more students to participate.

Just a reminder you have until the 31st October to submit your entry for our Student Design Awards


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