A list of the most Frequently Asked Questions, please use the contact us link if you need more information.

What is bespoken?


bespoken is a social media site designed to improve the everyday lives of disabled people of all ages through sharing information and answering questions relating to independent living equipment. This ranges from simple devices like jar openers, mobility equipment like wheelchairs and scooters to assistive technology like iPads and specialist adaptive equipment like communication and automation devices.


We know that there is a great wealth of knowledge out there and as a community we want to capture that knowledge and help other disabled people as a result. By sharing information, reviewing products and suggesting ideas for new ones the community can make a real difference in people lives and improve their independence.


What are forums?


Forums are places on the site where you can share information, ask questions, get advice or tell us about an idea or a product you really like.


The site is split into 4 main searchable forums which highlight:


'Good stuff' - where you can post information about a product, service or adaptation you have come across or invented that you believe would benefit people who uses the site.


'Questions & Answers' - where you can ask questions and use your knowledge to help the community by answering questions and giving feedback.


'I had this idea' - where you can post ideas for new products or work arounds that help with everyday living. This area helps with innovation and highlights gaps in the equipment available in the market place. Our hope is that through sharing we can improve independence.


'And another thing' – where you can share anything else that you want the community to know about or get involved in. Whether its an event, a website you like, or just a topic you think we will be interested in.


There are also several specialist forums:


Design challenge’ where students can get involved in the challenges set by our members. Currently we work with Loughborough, Coventry and Brunel Universities.



‘Featured Innovation’ – is an area where the bespoken team can share the latest innovations. Products that are new and bring fresh ideas to independent living. If you have a product you would like us to feature then contact us today.


‘General/Admin’ – an area where you can post general announcements and where the bespoken team can keep you updated on any news or changes.


‘Brunel University’ – an area that relates to the design challenge for students at Brunel University.


How to post stuff?


Firstly, you must be a member to post or comment if you’re not already a member then click here to sign up. We need a few details or you can sign in using your Facebook or twitter account if you prefer.


Once you have signed in simply go to the forum you want to start a discussion in and click on the add button or if you want to reply to an existing discussion simply type your reply in the text box below the ‘reply to this’ button in the relevant discussion. You may need to scroll down the page a bit on popular topics. We have created a simple guide which, is available here with screenshots to guide you through the process.


How does the design challenge work?


We created the design challenge to enable people to influence the design of equipment right from the start of the process. We have all seen products and thought if only it did this or why does it do that?


If you have a suggestion for one of our students then please post in the design challenge forum. We aim to create products that will make a real difference to people's lives and make the students final year projects more than just a theoretical concept.


How can I get involved in bespoken?


We have a number of volunteering opportunities which, you can do from anywhere with access to the Internet. We are looking for people to add to our blogs and highlight new technology. If you are passionate about people and their stories then why not write for us? You can contribute as little or as often as you like there are no commitments and because the site is accesible 24/7 you can contribute whenever suits you.


Can I share stuff with my friends and networks?


Yes, we have included all the popular social share buttons on all our forums so you can like and comment on facebook, twitter or Google+. Please feel free to share content on your blogs and newsletter but we ask that you credit bespoken with the post and add a link to our site http://www.bespoken.me


Who runs bespoken?


bespoken is run by the charity Blackwood Foundation which, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Blackwood the Housing and care provider. Blackwood is a Scotland wide organisation providing social housing for rent and care and support services particularly for those with disabilities. Blackwood has over 1,500 rented homes for tenants across 29 Scottish local authority areas. Blackwood also runs four dedicated care homes in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Greenock and Stirling.


The Blackwood Foundation aims to help disabled people of all ages to live more independently and improve their quality of life. Our vision is centred on design and innovation. We believe that technology and innovative design have the capacity to enhance independence.


We believe that people are the experts. We believe that their expertise is invaluable and the way in which they share this hard learnt knowledge is key. The Foundation seeks to be a catalyst to this process.


The Foundation provides the following services


  • Advice on independent living equipment design.
  • Product testing and review.
  • Advice for disabled people and their carers.
  • Advice for care providers, non profits and government agencies.
  • Campaigning.

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