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Top 10 Tips Teachers Should Try

Student loan ruling adds £12bn to government borrowing - BBC News

1 - Get organized.

Develop an organizational system. Where do things belong? This may need to be explained explicitly to your students. Some modifications may also be necessary (for example, placing the material closer to the student, research paper helper). Prepare for your school year with this book.

2 - Provide clear…


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Pain or Numbness in the Fingers? Time to Buy a Wrist Brace

Sudden pain, tickling or numbness in fingers is a common condition that generally affects people in jobs like packaging or data entry. The repetitive movement of fingers can irritate nerves leading to pain, swelling, and loss of muscle strength. These symptoms indicate Repetitive Stress Injuries, and a common RSI is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The median nerve that goes through your wrist passes through the carpal tunnel…


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Challenges of Impaired Mobility in the Bathroom and Ways to Overcome Them

The physical restrictions old age may throw at us can be daunting, but it’s important to realise that there is equipment available to help. Lots of age-related conditions lead to symptoms like reduced balance or strength in various parts of the body, making some everyday tasks more tricky.

In other blog posts we’ve mentioned how these problems may arise in the bedroom when getting dressed, but in the bathroom there are another…


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Things You Should Know about Grab Bars and Handles

There are now numerous styles of grab rail available for people who require support to maintain their balance around the home. Here we’ll run down some of the most popular of these key mobility aids and provide some ideas for the best positions to install them.

Even outside the house, strategically placed rails can assist with climbing steps to the front…


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Six Must-have Aids for the Elderly in 2020

Innovation and new ideas drive the world of rehabilitation and daily living aids. As we get older, new challenges arise connected to the physical tasks of everyday life. Luckily there is an ever-growing supply of aids for the elderly which may make a big difference - here we’ll rundown six of the best.

1. Wheeled Walking Aids

In cases where someone’s mobility has significantly deteriorated, wheeled devices which support the body may help. While many people are…


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Choosing Between Walking Sticks And Elbow Crutches

Mobility aids like a wheelchair, canes, crutches, grab rails, stairlifts, etc. help make the everyday life of people dealing with mobility impairment comfortable by improving their mobility. These aids also prove beneficial in case of an injured foot or leg.

While purchasing mobility aids, people usually face a dilemma to choose between two popular mobility aids - walking sticks and elbow…


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Leg Rest - How It Can Benefit Your Health

Mobility aids can be beneficial for people who are unable to walk and move all by themselves. Several mobility aids like a wheelchair, a walking stick, crutches, toilet aids, etc. don't only provide extra support and reduce pain but also help elders or people with mobility issues to retain their independence.

A versatile range of mobility and comfort devices is available in the market…


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All You Need to Know about a Transfer Board

Despite everyone wishing to retain their independence throughout their life, an injury, a health condition or age-related issues may at times deprive people from that. Thanks to the availability of gadgets and disability aids like crutches, walking sticks, etc., people with mobility limitations can also improve their quality of life.

Among several other challenges a common these people face is while moving from one surface or position to another. For example, moving a person on a…


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All You Need to Know About Bath Seats And Bath Steps

A slippery floor in a bathroom can increase the risk of slip and fall injuries - especially for the elderly and people with mobility issues. Therefore, health professionals recommend using bathroom aids to minimize the risk of falls or slips after a thorough assessment of the patient's condition.

These aids can not only help prevent fall injuries but also enable people with mobility issues to use the bathroom conveniently and retain their independence.

Among a…


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Using Disinfectant in the Bathroom and Around the Home

Since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, there has been a massive increase in the use of disinfectants. Government guidance has highlighted the importance of hand-washing and hygiene in homes, workplaces and public spaces. Hospitals, schools, factories, shops, transport, offices, hotels and restaurants are all required to adhere to a regular ‘deep clean’ in order to reduce the chances of Covid transmission.

Disinfectant is a key product that helps in the fight against Covid and…


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Bed Sores: Causes, Stages And Using Pressure Cushions

Pressure sores may develop if you sit down or lie in the same position for a sustained period of time.

Also called bed sores or pressure ulcers, they are localised areas of skin which deteriorate, causing inflammation and sometimes bleeding to body tissue.

Parts of the body where bones are close to the skin’s surface are typically most at risk, like the tailbone, ankles, heels, elbows and in some cases the hips.

If you have…


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Getting Comfortable With Your Crutches

If you’re using crutches for the first time because you’re recovering from an injury, or due to a chronic condition, there may be things you can do to make them more comfortable.

There are numerous types of crutches available, many of which differ markedly from the standard NHS models. As key mobility aids for many people across the UK, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the…


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Wrist Support And Foot Support- Ways They Can Benefit You

People can experience bone, muscle, or joint pain at any point in their life - especially in their old age. Though there are a number of home remedies that may help manage these pains, orthopedic aids are more effective - specifically when the pain isn't easily manageable. They provide the necessary support to the affected body part(s). People who have undergone surgeries also find these aids useful for support.


Among a number of aids available for pain management, a foot or…


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Pill Boxes - Things to Think About When Organising Your Medication

Many people have health conditions that mean they need to take a lot of medicine, often on a daily basis. Keeping track of which pills you need and in what dose may take some organisation, so it’s worth thinking about how best to do it.

This can be a particular challenge for those of advanced years, whose memory may not be as sharp as it once was.

While your doctor or another medical professional should be able to advise you,…


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All You Need to Know About Shower Stools And Wall-mounted Shower Seat

A slippery and wet bathroom floor can increase the chances of fall and slip injuries - especially more when you have temporary injuries, dizziness spells, chronic health conditions like Parkinson's disease, neuromuscular disorders, etc. that cause balance issues. Therefore, ensuring the safety in the bathroom is a must when you are predisposed to a high risk of falls and slips.

A number of bath aids can help you in making your bathroom a safe place to use. Some common bathroom aids…


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When to Choose a Lightweight Wheelchair Over a Traditional Wheelchair?

People may face mobility restrictions at some point in their life due to temporary injuries or chronic health conditions. While mobility limitations don't only hamper the quality of life but also leave people dependent on others.

However, there are a number of mobility aids available in the market that can help promote mobility and regain confidence and independence. Among all of them, a wheelchair is a common choice of a lot of people.



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How Diabetic Patients Can Manage Edema

Swollen feet or edema can be uncomfortable, especially for people older individuals with overall reduced strength. Fortunately, there are comfort and disability aids like therapeutic shoes for swollen feet that are available out there that you can buy for edema management.

Though a medical professional's consultation is always the first thing to consider to find out the reason behind swollen feet, there are a number of…


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How to Help a Person Use a Raised Toilet Seat

Toilet aid is valuable for older people who have difficulty moving or standing and sitting. It helps people with mobility restrictions that can walk only a short distance to the toilet. However, a commode chair as an independent toilet aid doesn't require any plumbing and has an opening with a basin to collect urine and faeces. It can suit people with severe mobility limitations that find it difficult to walk even short distances.

Moreover, for those with space limitations or budget…


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All You Need to Know About Bathing Aids

Bathing and personal hygiene are important parts of everyone’s daily routine. When mobility issues arise, choosing the correct bathing aids allows an individual to continue with their bathing regime and maintain the standards of self care that they’ve always been used to.

Essential Aids supplies a wide range of ergonomic, lightweight and economic bathing aids that allow people to feel fresh, confident and hygienic, overcoming any physical conditions which may restrict…


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Aids For Swollen Feet

Many people in the UK suffer from swollen feet and ankles. The condition is an irritating one and can seriously impact someone’s comfort and mobility. In particular, standard socks, shoes and other footwear can all be difficult to put on and take off.

Squeezing into standard footwear can be a painful experience, particularly because someone’s swelling may vary from day to day. Because of this, soft footwear with a variable fitting can be…


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