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Maintaining Mobility With Physical Disabilities

Using equipment and devices to undertake day-to-day tasks may become a fundamental part of your routine if you have certain medical conditions or disabilities. Whether it is washing, bathing, using the toilet or simply getting from A to B, a degree of mobility is required.

If yours is compromised, it is valuable to be aware of the…


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A Guide on Using And Maintaining a Walking Frame

A walking frame is one of the important disability aids for those with no severe mobility restrictions but have minor balance issues and are unsteady on their feet. It provides much-needed support and stability to them and helps them move both indoors and outdoors.


Once you buy the frame, you also need to understand how to use and maintain it properly.


The first thing to do…


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Bed Rails - To Help the Elderly Rest Safely

At times, people's mobility and body balance may start reducing with ageing and they may face difficulty walking around without support or a caretaker's assistance. They may even feel wobbly or shaky while walking, getting up or sitting down. In some cases, they may find it hard to get out of bed independently and may need a carer to help them. One of the important bedroom aids that can be of help in this situation is conventional bed rails. Another similar…


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Helping The Elderly With Mobility And Incontinence Issuess

As people grow older, there are chances that medical issues may arise. As a result, their several joints, muscles or even organs may grow weaker. Besides mobility issues, incontinence leak may also impact several elderly people due to weaker functioning of the urinary bladder or other organs of the urinary system. They may find it difficult to use the loo and maintain their hygiene.



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Captain Tom Moore’s Walking Aid is an ‘X Fold’ Rollator

Essential Aids joins the world in congratulating Captain Tom Moore for his remarkable effort in raising tens of millions of pounds for the NHS. Now promoted to a colonel and having marked his 100th birthday in April 2020, he has become a national hero while society is in the grip of the coronavirus crisis.

Beyond the UK, people across the globe have rushed to pay tribute to his efforts, walking up and down his garden with the help of his ‘X Fold’…


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Buying a Commode Chair? - Here’s What You Need to Know

Commodes play an important part in the lives of those whose physical condition makes it difficult to use the bathroom. People with certain disabilities, mobility issues, those who are ill or recovering from an operation may find them crucial pieces of equipment.

For many in these situations, making the trip to and from the bathroom may be impossible, necessitating the need for a commode. If your toilet is upstairs and…


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Kitchen Aids - To Help The Elderly With Eating And Cooking

Spending some time with the elderly and making them feel they aren’t alone is really important. Blessings from ageing parents or grandparents that they shower out of happiness, cheer us up and bring smiles upon our faces. To emotionally bond with your old parents or grandparents more strongly, you can join them at mealtimes. You can also join them in the kitchen while they cook if they love cooking. Now cooking after a certain age can be a difficult task to carry and your parents…


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When And Why to Buy a Riser Chair

People may face mobility or balance issues due to an injury, a disease, or the ageing factor at some point in life or the other. Luckily, there are a number of mobility aids that help them mitigate their problems and enhance the quality of life.

Riser chairs also come under such mobility aids and they…


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Theraposture launches NEW online booking system for popular therapist-led video assessments

Theraposture, the leading specialist in Adjustable Beds, Chairs, and Care Cots, is experiencing growing demand for its latest OT-led, personalised video assessments and product demonstrations – following the introduction of a new web appointment calendar.…


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Happy to be writing

I am so pleased that I can contribute to this blog.  I am today researching how cheap cosmetic surgery in Turkey can benefit the UK disability market.  This will be an additional post to my esxisting post about cosmetic surgery clinics in Turkey.

I look forward to hearing from anyone within the Bespoken community who has visited Turkey for plastic surgery.

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The future of plastic surgery in disability cases

I have always been very interested in the way that 3D printing technology has been moving into the medical sector and enabling replacement limbs to be sculpted for amputees.  An article I saw online caught my attention so I thought I would blog a bit about it.  In fact I will be blogging much more on this page to reach the disability community.

Hope you…


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Abacus Gemini 2000 bath wins prestigious OT Show Excellence in Caring Award

Abacus Specialist Bathroom Solutions has been presented with the acclaimed Excellence in Caring Award at the OT Show for its pioneering Gemini 2000 hi-lo bath (The Occupational Therapy Show, Stand D10, NEC, 27-28 November).…

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Scorpio bath donation by Abacus for Lane family TV home conversion

In this video, you will see the Lane family using their new Scorpio 1700 accessible bath - donated to them by Abacus Specialist Bathroom Solutions as part of a flagship TV home conversion programme. …


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New brain-machine interface could offer control over wheelchairs

Georgia Tech researchers have created a new brain-machine interface (BMI) that uses a new class of nano-membrane electrode combined with flexible electronics and a new deep learning algorithm to help disabled people wirelessly control devices. The BMI could be used to control things like an electric wheelchair, interact with a computer, or operate a small robotic vehicle without having to use a hair-electrode cap or mess with wires.

Read the full article at:…


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NAIDEX Info and Lioving With Spinal injury

I am very excited that the 2020 NAIDEX show will be better than ever.  As always I will be talking at NAIDEX.  I just published a post about disability dating on the NAIDEX Blog

Also of great interest to the Bespoken community is an article about independent living that I wrote for the independentliving site.…


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Of wheelchairs and pricing – and a challenge to an open source hardware project

Anyone who either uses or has an interest in electric wheelchairs and the way the industry behind them works might be interested in the (warning: long) article I published at:

In addition to calling out the appaling…


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Driving Mobility, The National Voice of Independent Transportation, AGM

Charity Driving Mobility has successfully held its Annual Conference at The University of Chester for Professionals and Practitioners to share developments and ideas regarding accessible driving and independent mobility.

Driving Mobility accredits a…


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Shaun Masters OT to deliver client-centred cot prescription advice at Kidz West on 4 July 2019

Shaun Masters, Occupational Therapist and Trusted Assessor, will be available on the Theraposture stand at Kidz to Adultz Wales and West, to offer expert advice regarding care cots for disabled children and young adults.

4th July 2019, 9.00am – 4.30pm. Thornbury Leisure Centre, Bristol, BS35 3JB. Stand A3…


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Blackwood Design Awards 2018/19 Judging Day Video

With the success of last weeks Blackwood Design Awards it seems only fitting that we made a video from the day! 

Watch the full thing below: 

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The Blackwood Design Awards 2018/19 Judging Day

Another year and it was another successful Blackwood Design Awards.

Held in Datalabs conference room in the magnificent Bayes Centre in the heart of Edinburgh’s University campus it was a setting fit for the occasion.

Judges arrived from across the country at mid-day:

Toby Mildon – A diversity and Inclusion…


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