Clever Cogs continues to grow and expand in Tayside services

‘Clever Cogs’ continues to grow in Dundee as further devices are installed and customers receive their introduction training from the Innovation team.


The focus was firmly on Dundee this week as three more Blackwood customers had that all important introduction and training on using Clever Cogs, Blackwood’s ground breaking integrated digital care system.


Jean has lived in a Blackwood home since 1987 and was delighted at meeting the innovation team and unpacking her much anticipated Clever Cogs machine. Blackwood’s Digital Skills Trainer, Shawn More, demonstrated some of the key features of Clever Cogs during a fruitful training session. Of the many features on Clever Cogs, Jean was especially interested in the entertainment features, saying “I liked the games and would like to see what else Clever Cogs can do in the future with this.”


Linda Hamilton spent a seriously fun and exciting afternoon with her best friend Joan who happened to drop by just in time to provide a little encouragement (and a healthy dose of humour) as Clever Cogs made its debut in her home. Regarding Clever Cogs and her introduction training Linda said:


“I think it’s going to be absolutely marvellous for my needs and wants. I’m very excited about it. I love that I can play music that I want, because I love music. I love that there’s games on it although I haven’t seen them all. I also love the fact that I am able to see on a screen all my rotas for the day and the week. I think that’s just a great idea.”

The rotas keep Linda up to date with the time of her care visits as well as which member of staff will be coming. Any last minute changes in staff planning can be related to Linda instantly through Clever Cogs so she will always have the latest information about her care visits.


Linda makes no secret of the fact that this technology is entirely new to her and it might not be smooth sailing all the way. But nonetheless she is keen and optimistic about the road ahead, saying “right now I’m ready for a challenge. I just feel good about wanting to have a challenge.”


The music that is instantly available through Clever Cogs is something that struck a chord with Irene and her husband, who also received their introduction training this week. They are looking forward to their next training visit and exploring the video chat function within the ‘Friends and Family’ app.


Reflecting on this week’s growth of Clever Cogs in Tayside services Shawn More said: “All three customers were very enthusiastic and interested in Clever Cogs. It was great to have family and friends involvement during the training and we’re looking forward to planning our next visit”.

The last word goes to Linda once again who expresses her gratitude and excitement at being involved in the Clever Cogs trial and the initial visit:


“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. [The Innovation Team] have all been great, and it’s been like a bit of a social event for me if you like. And I think that with a bit of support with it, I’m going to be able to do this. I’m going to do it.”


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