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Shawn here with an update on how Clever Cogs is progressing across the trial sites.

This month has marked the start of phone drop-in surgeries as part of the Clever Cogs project in Dundee. Being held once fortnightly by the Digital Skills Trainer, the new surgeries are designed to help our staff with further training and support needs on using the Clever Cogs smartphones. As this is a more dispersed setting from our first trial site, we hope it will allow us to capture staff more frequently and to continue helping the teams embed smarter ways of working into their daily routines.

We are delighted to welcome Marc Holden to our project team. Marc is our Digital Skills Training Assistant and will be with Blackwood on a voluntary basis for the next three months. As we look to expand our team to continue supporting the service, Marc will be involved with continuing to deliver training to our Clever Cogs customers, introducing them to new content and further promoting the benefits of being online.

We are also working closely with our friends from Marketing, creating a portfolio of video tutorials. Its early days but we hope to have the tutorials featured on our YouTube channel as well as looking into the option of creating shortcuts on the smartphones. The video tutorials will provide various lessons to our customers on using the Clever Cogs device as well as helping our staff to troubleshoot and feel more confident with the smart handsets. Filming is scheduled for the end of the month so we will keep you updated!

Our residents and tenants continue to give us fantastic feedback on using the system, playing games, connecting with family & friends and keeping up-to-date with care at home and housing support visits just some of the favoured apps that are helping our customers live their lives to the full.

One customer in Dundee is getting started speaking with multiple family and friends which he couldn't do through a computer before. Another has requested to shop online through his device. Over in Stirling we are next looking to implement multi player games and speak to our residents about making more digital subscriptions to the sites of interest.

From the end of last year, we have also been expanding Clever Cogs into our other care homes. Following on from the continual success of the project in Broom Court, Stirling, we have now introduced devices into the communal lounges in Raeden Court, Belses Gardens and Mac Court. We will be paying the care homes monthly visits to further spread the benefits Clever Cogs can bring to our customers. So far, it sounds like we are off to a great start here as well!

I will be sure to further update you on the latest developments in the coming weeks!


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