Creative Scotland has announced it is to restore funding to five arts companies following criticism of its decision to cut financial support to several disabled focused charities.

Birds of Paradise, and Lung Ha theatre companies were noticeably absent from Creative Scotland’s list of regular funding recipients, a programme that offers charitable arts organisations three years of funding.

The decision was made following an emergency meeting of the National Art’s body which announced it is to restore funding to five arts companies from an additional £2.7million.

Lung Ha Theatre said it had been “overwhelmed by the support” received.

The U- Turn comes in the wake of a week of protest, which saw several prominent disabled rights campaigners pen an open letter registering their dissatisfaction at Creative Scotland’s funding decisions.

Two members of Creative Scotland's board resigned in protest at the lack of resources and time afforded to the decision making process.

In a statement, One in Five welcomed the decision stating “This is a victory for common sense, inclusion and Scotland's disabled community.” They added: “Looking ahead, we encourage Creative Scotland to undertake disability equality training and ensure that disabled people are represented in the decision-making process”

The additional money Creative Scotland said, is to be taken from a mixture of savings from no longer necessary transitional funds, and money from the ‘Targeted Budget’ for 2018 -21. 2018-19 is to remain the same.

Ben Thomson, the interim chairman of Creative Scotland, said these decisions were always "extremely challenging".

"We have listened to the extensive and constructive feedback we received from many individuals and organisations working across the arts and culture in Scotland."

"We have reviewed our budget for regular funding and, within the limits of the alternative funds available to us, we have been able to re-allocate £2.6m over three years, allowing us to include five further arts-producing organisations in the network.

"We have also reaffirmed our commitment to other funding, which will include touring; equalities, diversity and inclusion; and new support for artist-led work."


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To read more on Creative Scotland's Funding Plan, Click Here

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