The bespoken team are keen to improve the design and layout of bespoken and we need your help!


We are looking at a radical overhaul of your online community to make it more user friendly, more engaging and to encourage members to join in.


Please get in touch with us at or comment below and answer these questions to help us improve bespoken for you.


1)    Do you think bespoken is easy to use? Please give details.


2)    Do you like the design & layout of bespoken? Please give details?


3)    How often do you post a comment on bespoken? What do you think would prompt you to comment more often?


4)    How often do you open the bespoken bulletin?


5)    How often do you click on a news story in the bulletin?


6)    Have you ever started a discussion on bespoken? If yes, how did you find doing so? If no, can you give a reason why?


7)    How often would you say you visit bespoken?


8)    What kind of features are you most likely to want to look at or comment on? Technology, interviews, opinion pieces, something else?


Please feel free to add any other comment or feedback you feel is relevant too.


Thanks for your help!


The bespoken team

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 (1) Yes it is easy to use - not always easy to find things though - i find that it is just one big list on the home page

(2)As per (1)

(3)  I usually comment most weeks when i am in looking at the bulletin.  I try to always comment if i am asked some direct questions to give feedback

(4)  Every week

(5)  Every week  - usually read all the stories

(6) No i havent started a discussion - it isnt that i dont want to - i suppose i just havent had anything that i thought would merit wider discuss or that people would be interested in

(7) Usually every week - or more than that if i am looking for info to do with work

(8)  I like the gadget tech stuff - things that are going to make peoples life easier - i also like the inspirational stories!


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