Gondolas are a right, not a privilege!


Alright so it’s not an entirely conventional sentiment but it rings true as anything else where accessibility is at stake. Gondolas4All is a charity that has made it its mission to make the famous Venice gondola tours accessible to all. They have a particular focus on supporting families with children to enjoy the canals of Venice by creating an accessible pier on the canal so that wheelchair users can safely be lowered into a gondola.


Planning a trip to Venice anytime soon? The critics have spoken and Gondolas4All is a massive hit! One reviewer called Achille (let’s pause to acknowledge a boss name) gave the following review, translated from the original Italian:

“Great! What to say? Simply Great! Finally someone has thought of this. Gondolas for everyone! Thanks from the heart.”


In a world where people who have limited mobility are so often told what they cannot do, just look at the joy it can bring to young wheelchair users when someone takes the time to find a nice solution…


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