Hi everyone,

It is time for me to leave Blackwood Foundation. I am going back to France to continue my Master’s degree in Management at the University of Saint-Etienne.

I have enjoyed my work placement here. I started my internship last April and it is now time to say goodbye to everyone. 

I had the chance to attend the Naidex Exhibition last April, which was a good way to familiarise with the huge range of services proposed by Blackwood Foundation.

I hope you enjoyed the articles I wrote throughout these 18 weeks here. As a French student, my colleagues have never stopped to give me confidence in my own ability to do well and they helped me to improve my English by answering questions and giving me advices.  

Do not hesitate to be involved on bespoken if you would like to share your experience and to help the team to continue to improve the website. Even in France, I will continue to have a look on bespoken.

Thank you very much. Without you, I would not have been able to do my internship for Blackwood Foundation.

See you later

Quentin Paimparay

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