By Quentin Paimparay

For anyone visiting the Edinburgh Festival Fringe a production called “13 Sunken years” will be performed throughout this month. It is the work of two Scottish theatre companies: Stellar Quines and Lung Ha’s Theatre Company. Lung Ha’s Theatre Company is known to work with people with a disability and it is a strong advocate for accessibility.


Lung Ha’s Theatre Company has already done more than 35 theatre productions featuring over 300 performers with learning disabilities. Since 1984, it organises auditions every two years for people with a learning disability. Each time, the 25 people who are selected can perform during two shows. 


The show “13 Sunken years” which will be played for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is supported by the Finnish National Theatre which is the oldest Finnish-language professional theatre in Finland. The production has also been chosen as part of Made in Scotland 2014 which puts forward Scottish performance on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


The show stages the story of three Finnish women from three different generations who experience a series of unfortunate events. Due to the supernatural power of a magic river which surrounds a usually quiet village wherein they live; Eva, the granddaughter who is about to celebrate her school graduation will discover on the same day that her mother has disappeared without any reason and that her grandmother is diagnosed with dementia.


The show will be played from the 11th to the 24th August 2014 on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. You can also see it the 26th of August in Greenock, the 27th of August in Paisley, and the 29th of August in Hawick. To find out more information about the production, click below.

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