“One size does not fit all” says Jayshree Vasani, a qualified optician who is distributing specially made glasses for those with Down’s syndrome throughout the UK.

The glasses, made to accommodate those with a petite nose and broader bridge, were the invention of an American optician, Maria Dellapina. Her daughter, Erin, has Down’s syndrome and they struggled to find glasses that would sit correctly on her face. Frustrated at the lack of choice for her daughter, Maria took matters in to her own hands. With 30 years of work in optics and hands on experience of being a mother she designed something that would not only help her daughter, but thousands of others who struggle to find glasses that fit.

 Forming the company SPECS4us in 2004 with the aim to improve the life and quality of children and adults with Down’s syndrome, the Erin’s World range is now available in 28 countries! The frames accommodate a low nasal bridge and have modified arms to stop the glasses constantly slipping down. They are made from memory flex and titanium ensuing they can be twisted without breaking and are lightweight and trendy! Each pair is customized to the individuals needs, the importance of a good fitting being highlighted by Jayshree. As a parent it can be daunting trying to find a professional to assist in such a specialised area, but Jayshree has made it easy with a list of stockists on the website www.betterfiteyewear.co.uk.

The range has 14 different models and is available in over 20 colours and for the first time an adult or child with Down’s syndrome has a broad choice of style to choose from.
If you are UK based and would like to find out more, contact Jayshree Vasani here.
Maria Dellapina recently won the Toyota Mothers of Invention Award 2015. Click here for a short video charting her journey.

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