S'up Spoon - a spoon for cerebral palsy, essential tremors and potentially others!

Hello, first post! 

Little over year ago I joined 4c Design as an intern and they set me a project - to work with a guy who has cerebral palsy and an idea. His idea was to create a utensil that would allow him to eat a wider variety of food.

I found a post on this very forum of a student who addressed the issue but didn't seem to finish it. However we finished the project around Christmas and the response we got was outstanding. It was enough for us to invest more time into designing an ergonomically universal spoon.

So now we're on Kickstarter, we have a very functional spoon that we've designed to look good and blend in a little more than the other products available. We're on Kickstarter to fund the tooling of the product. 

Without people pledging and essentially pre-ordering spoons this project won't move on. So any help or directions would be much appreciated as we want to get this product into peoples hands.


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