In today’s Information Age, access to a computer is fast becoming an essential part of day to day life, even in the domestic space. With over 76% of UK adults using the internet daily, many aspects of everyday living such as receiving mail, news and telecommunication are being converted to a solely digital platform leaving those who are physically unable to use a computer at a disadvantage.

Despite the amount of technological innovation over the years, modern human-computer interaction still requires a certain level of physical interfacing. For those people with a disability which leaves them unable to use a mouse or a keyboard, access to the Internet is a very difficult task indeed.

Certain hardware adaptations, such as joystick controls or speech interface, have helped make computers more accessible. However a number of software adaptations have been developed which can help make any ordinary computer easier to control without the need of special equipment.

Camera Mouse is a free downloadable program which allows users without the use of their hands to control their computer. Developed by Prof. James Gips and Prof. Margrit Betke at Boston College, Camera Mouse was created with the intention of helping people with limited motion use a computer by using small muscle and head movements to directly control a computers mouse, as their website states “Camera Mouse is intended for people with physical disabilities, people who cannot move their hands to control a mouse or speak to a voice recognition program.”

Using mainly head movements, Camera Mouse can track the on screen mouse pointer and is compatible with most Windows based programs. Since being made public in June 2007, Camera Mouse has made over 2,000,000 downloads at a current average of one download per minute.

If you would like to learn more about Camera Mouse please visit their website here. If you have ever used Camera Mouse or any similar programs then please message bellow.





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