Tobii PCEye is used by Sarah Ezekiel who features in our people’s stories, the technology enables her to create stunning artwork and has given her new found freedom to express herself.

The Tobii PCEye is an easy to use, stand-alone eye control device that can be used with most personal computers. It is quick to set up, highly accurate and provides total control of your computer using only your eyes.

Who is helped by the Tobii PCEye Eye Control Unit?

Tobii PCEye, is a perfect eye control unit, for users with higher cognitive abilities wanting access to regular computer programs with eye control. It was developed primarily for individuals with impaired motor skills or those needing an alternative method like eye control for controlling a mouse.


Those that can benefit most from the Tobii PCEye eye control unit include:

  • Users with limited motor skills due to ALS
  • Individuals with spinal cord injuries
  • Those suffering from certain neurological disorders


Benefits of Tobii PCEye and Gaze Selection

The Tobii PCEye and Tobii Windows Control allow the user to access files and applications using their own personal computer. Tobii Windows Control, previously consisting of a single mouse emulation mode, has been significantly enhanced by the addition of the award winning Tobii Gaze Selection - a revolutionary interaction method. The Tobii PCEye and Tobii Windows Control promises to improve the quality of life and provide “get back to work” adaptation for individuals undergoing rehabilitation from injury and disease. 


What is Gaze Selection?

The Gaze Selection mode of Windows Control makes it possible for the user to control a standard Windows desktop operating system with a two step selection method which reduces the risks of unwanted clicks. It also prevents the following of the mouse cursor with your gaze as opposed to the controlling of it (there is no floating mouse cursor in Gaze Selection).


Precise eye control for all

The Tobii PCEye eye control unit flawlessly converts eye movement to a mouse cursor on your computer, attaches to many retail monitors and takes only seconds to complete the one-time calibration. With one of the largest track boxes on the market and award winning eye tracking technology, the Tobii PCEye can be used by over 95% of users to eye control, regardless of eye colour, glasses, contact lenses, lighting conditions or head movements.

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