After months of planning and preparation, last Friday marked the ‘Dragon’s Den’ style finale of the Blackwood Design Awards 2016. We assembled a panel of judges from various sectors of expertise and Skyped our finalists from all over the world including Japan and the USA.



There was some tough debating going on but this was the result…


The winner of the ‘Best New Product’ was the Glassouse invented by Mehmet Turker based in Hong Kong, China.


The Glassouse is a hands free light-weight pair of glasses that use bluetooth and a mouthpiece to control your computer or other electronic device. The idea being that it serves as a mouse for those IT users who do not have the use of their hands.




The winner of the ‘Best New Concept’ was the MeBot created by Dr Rory Cooper based in Pittsburgh, USA.

This highly functional wheelchair can tackle steps, pavement edges and rough terrain. It caught the attention of the judges in part because it was very clear that it was designed by wheelchair users, for wheelchair users and with very full inclusion from the outset.



Massive congratulations to both our winners. Going forward we will be supporting both entries as much as possible to help them thrive and expand their reach in helping people live their lives to the full. You can read the Dundee Courier’s coverage of the final here.



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