Glasgow International Airport is First to Trial New Aid for Visually Impaired People

Glasgow International Airport have joined up with an inventor-duo to trial a brilliantly simple piece of kit that, it is hoped, will give visually impaired travellers a better experience.


The Ramble Tag is an adjustable and comfortable arm band worn by a guide and bears a handle for a visually impaired person to hold onto.


This means they are less likely to lose their grip, to pinch or make their guide uncomfortable, to have any direct physical contact which might be awkward, particularly if either the guide or their charge comes from a culture where physical contact is taboo.


Tom Forsyth and Laura Maclean are neighbours who walk their dogs together. It was during one of these walks that Tom, who lost his sight due to complications from diabetes, made an offhand remark to Laura about how good it would be if her arm could be fitted with a handle. The words came out without much forethought but without meaning to, Tom had hit upon a great idea.


That night, Laura used her design and sowing skills to make a prototype of what would become the Ramble Tag.


Paul Scott, Glasgow Airport's Terminal Compliance Manager, hopes that they will be able to provide a more comfortable and relaxed experience for travellers in this way and further explained their interest in trialling Ramble Tag:


“We plan to use the Ramble Tag over the coming months within the airport while assisting people who are visually impaired. Hopefully, by doing so, this will help Tom Forsyth and his co-inventor and business partner, Laura Maclean, raise more awareness of their design.”


Speaking to bespoken, Laura Maclean said:


“We had an excellent discussion about the Ramble Tag’s potential, and all the staff were massively enthusiastic. We will be re-joining them next week to be introduced to more people who they believe will be interested.


They will start training their staff to use them and collect feedback for us. In an airport there will be many different cultures passing through, so it will be very interesting to hear how they get on.


They want to do everything they can to ensure easy transport for all and they really see how the Ramble Tag could do this.”


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