10 Organisations We'll Meet at Naidex

From the 28th-30th April Blackwood will be at the NEC in Birmingham attending Naidex, Europe’s largest independent living exhibition. We’ve had a busy time contacting companies to see what they’ll be showcasing and what new things we can show our members. With this in mind we thought it’d be good to show you all some of the organisations who will be there and find out what it is you would like to know about the exhibitors.


CarePair is a website and app which matches carers with the people requiring care. It seeks to add a more personalised touch to the user’s care package, taking both parties’ locations, skills and interests into account.

Pivotell Ltd

Pivotell is a manufacturer of medication dispensers and reminders. They will be exhibiting the Pivotell Advance and the Advance GSM dispensers this year.

Norfolk Disabled-Friendly Cottages

Norfolk Disabled-Friendly Cottages are a small family-run business which provides 8 accessible holiday cottages which sleep between 4-10 people and providing hoists and specialist beds.

Jetmarine Ltd

Jetmarine are a manufacturer of lightweight, durable ramps. They will be exhibiting a number of ramps this year, both portable and folding ones and fixed door ramps.

Sano UK Powered Stairclimbers

Sano UK make battery-powered and transportable stairclimbers. A couple of the products they will be exhibiting at Naidex this year are the Liftkar PT Uni, a stairclimber to which a wheelchair can be attached and the Liftkar PT Fold, a foldable and light stairclimber for a person only.

NRS Healthcare

NRS Healthcare are a UK-based provider of disability equipment and adaptations. A couple of the things they will be exhibiting this year are the Stand&Turn Easy, a seat transfer aid and the Duo 200 Walking Trolley.

Canine Partners

Canine Partners provide specially trained dogs which can assist people with a number of disabilities through daily life.

Doro UK Ltd

Doro is a developer of assistive communication devices for people with impaired vision, hearing and dexterity. Among other things, they will be exhibiting the Doro Liberto 820, a smartphone made simple and the Doro Secure 580, a mobile phone with 4 speed-dial buttons, an assistance button and GPS localisation in case of emergencies.

WheelPower/ Cerebral Palsy Sport

Wheelpower and Cerebral Palsy Sport are two organisations dedicated to better enabling people with disabilities to access sports.

Pride Mobility

Pride Mobility is a UK distributor of mobility scooters, powerchairs and lift chairs. Their Naidex profile lists countless powerchairs and scooters which they could be displaying so for the sake of brevity the two with the best names: the Quantum Q6 Edge (a powerchair) and the Go-Go Elite Traveller LX (a mobility scooter).

Something you’d like us to ask these exhibitors? Something you’d like to find out about or see? Leave us a comment saying what it is you’re interested in finding out and we’ll be sure to bring it up at Naidex.

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