R82 UK are proud to support Reid and his Frame Football team, Hucknall Rolls Royce

R82 UK, highly respected supplier of assistive products for children and young adults, is delighted to support The Frame Football Association with a series of Crocodile walking frame donations so more young disabled players can enjoy the beautiful game.

In this video you will see 10-year-old Reid from Nottinghamshire receive his donated Crocodile from R82 and begin training with his new walking aid.

Reid said: “The Crocodile is the best frame by far! As it has a seat, I don’t have to take a wheelchair anywhere. I can walk and then take a break if I need to. Having this new Crocodile means I can have a walker at all of my Frame Football sessions which is amazing. It’s brilliant for Frame Footie. I like playing keeper but the Crocodile means I can move really fast so I’m great at scoring lots of goals as well!”

Frame Football is a new activity in the UK set up by amateur football coach, Richard Seedhouse based in Coventry. Ordinarily, many Frame Football players use crutches to assist their mobility but utilise a wheeled walking frame to support them when they play. With more teams now forming across the UK, R82 are gifting eight Crocodile Walkers to young players in the coming months. The aim of these donations is to encourage more children to get involved and raise the profile of this inclusive sport.

For more information please visit: http://bit.ly/20Xwx8o

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