Blackwood customer wins prestigious award for her part in Clever Cogs

Congratulations are in order for Mandy McKenzie, who last week was the happy recipient of Scottish Care Award for her outstanding achievements with Clever Cogs.


Having never previously used digital technology before, Mandy took to Clever Cogs in a way that has stunned her peers. Now a whizz at using the digitally enhanced care device, Mandy uses it to play games and listen to music among other things, and regularly has video chats with her sister.


Such has been her success with Clever Cogs that Mandy has been supporting other Blackwood customers to improve their learning.


Flora Hay is the Service Manager at Broom Court in Stirling where Mandy lives and accompanied her to the award ceremony. Other people from Blackwood who attended were board member - Eileen McDade; Head of Housing and Care - Angela Currie and Learning and Development Officer - Chris Hogsden. The latter was also recognised on the night for his own achievements in the care sector.


Remembering the night and the moment Mandy’s name was called out Flora says;


“When it came to Mandy’s turn we had our fingers crossed even tighter, praying was a little bit faster, oh how we wanted so much for Mandy to take home the next award. Mandy was patiently waiting and she was happy that she had been shortlisted, but in her true self she accepted the award like an actress at the Oscars as she loves getting her photos taken and being the centre of attention.”



The night was neatly wrapped up with Blackwood’s finest showing off their moves on the dancefloor (it’s fine, other people were dancing too) before the whole event slowly came to a close.


Massive congratulations to Mandy for her well-earned trophy and recognition!


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