Get your motor running: bespoken member test drives the TGA Supersport.

Anne Walker tried out the TGA Supersport for one week, and was generally pleased with the notorious Harley Scooter.


A stable, customisable ride

Anne isn’t usually a fan of three wheel scooters, as they give her an uneasy feeling that they will tip over to one side. But unlike other three wheelers she’s tried in her six years of scooter use, the “extremely stable” Supersport gave her confidence. Adjustments are possible to make the scooter fit a wide range of heights and builds: for example Anne, who is just under five feet tall, was able to adjust the handlebars by pulling them inwards, to suit her size. Portage needs are covered by a large basket which can be attached to the back. However, it lacks any kind of intrinsic rain protection such as a canopy. So make sure you’re waterproofed up before going out, or risk getting wet!


Not ideal for town use

However, Anne recognises that it’s not ideal for her personal needs, as she mostly uses a scooter for getting around her small village and going shopping, for which the scooter’s considerable size makes it unsuitable. “You would have to have the ability to get round a supermarket, because it’s far too big, unlike your normal everyday scooter. You couldn’t possibly take that inside a supermarket. And I really don’t think I could want to leave it outside a supermarket without being chained up. It’s a bit of an attraction!” While it would block the narrower pavements of her town, she thinks she would have been interested in buying one when she lived in Glasgow. While the suspension was designed with muddy tracks in mind, it’s equally well equipped for potholed pavements, and the chunky tires take kerbs with no problems.

In its element

However, Anne was able to take it out in the country for a weekend jaunt, and was very satisfied with its performance. She said, “… using the scooter on rough terrain was amazing, I got to see parts of my local area I did not know existed.” Again, the scooter’s high stability meant she always felt safe. Anne kindly sent us the following video of her testing the scooter’s capabilities by driving over a hilly brae: as you can see, she achieved this with no problems.


The suspension was equal to the rough ground, making it “a very comfortable experience indeed”.


Having evaluated the Supersport, she won’t be rushing out to spend £3995 on one of her own, as it doesn’t fit her current lifestyle. However, she would recommend it for outdoor enthusiasts who frequently encounter rough terrain.

Correction: the Supersport with standard batteries is £3995, not £6000 as originally stated.

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briliant article Ciorstaidh, well done and thanks again for the opportunity to try out this amazing scooter, the scooter also handled corners and roundabouts extremely well with no feeling of it going to tip over so good was the stability of it 

No problem Anne, thanks again for being our test driver!


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