How can a disabled person do that? You tell us...

We know a lot about disability, but we can’t know everything. Please help fill the gaps…


Blackwood Homes and Care is a leading Scottish charity and we recently won the UK Housing Award 2017 for Outstanding Approach to Promoting Digital Inclusion for our integrated care system called CleverCogs™. It is proven to boost digital skills, knowledge and confidence as well as reducing isolation.


We are looking at new options to support even more people to use CleverCogs™ but we could really use your help here.


We want to know how people with a range of severe disabilities can physically use digital technology and in particular tablets. We’re looking for people’s advice and recommendations on things like:


  • Brackets for holding tablets
  • Brackets for attaching the tablet to a wheelchair
  • Any tools, devices or utensils used for actually touching the screen
  • Anything else at all you think could be relevant


Blackwood has long been renowned for its innovative approach to housing and care. We learn from the real experts, those who live with disability on a daily basis, and we are never done learning. If you have used or seen others using something we should know of, please comment below or contact us at Thank you.


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Hi folks, this is David at Remap. We have a network of local groups which can help with these challenges. Our volunteers are adept at mounting tablets and other devices on wheelchairs, beds or whatever. Our help is free and bespoke so each person gets a solution that is right for them. One recent example is a sip and puff system that allows someone to control any device through blowing in a straw. Find us at 

Lots of useful devices can now be made using a 3D printer or CNC router, with lots of designs available online to download for free and even customise according to your needs! Here's an example: screen guards that can be used with communication apps.


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