Nominate a great idea for the Blackwood Design Awards 2017/18

Give a great design the recognition they deserve.


Here’s your chance to nominate a design or an idea/concept that you believe could make a difference to people who have disabilities. Whether it’s high-tech or low-tech, The Blackwood Design Awards is looking for something with the potential to change lives.


Like what?

Did you see a news report on some brilliant new concept? Have you read an article about a fantastic new design? Or you might simply know someone who’s come up with a simple but creative solution for their own accessibility needs. Get in touch to nominate them and see them get the recognition they deserve as well as reach more people.


Helps if the design has been thoroughly tested first

So how exactly do I nominate a design?

Send an email to citing the name of the design, the designer and include any contact details (if you have them) and any web links related to prospective entry.


The rules

Entries nominated must be a product with a practical application. The could be a blue print for a highly accessible home, an app, or a tool of some kind. Check out past entries to get a clearer idea of what we’re looking for.

You can’t nominate a design that has been entered in the past, although a person or team who has entered before is welcome to enter again but with a different design.


What difference will it make if I nominate someone?

The entry you nominate could go all the way and win the trophy as well as £1,000 prize money (depending on the category they’re entered in). After their victory last year, the winner said:

I think you’ve helped us already. I’ve already been contacted by another couple manufacturers that we were not talking to previously.” – Dr Rory Cooper, Designer of MeBot


Dr Cooper and his team

For Grant Douglas, winner in 2015, it was the pride and validation of his work to help people which he most valued.


You could get the satisfaction of seeing someone brilliant get recognised for their efforts and ingenuity and help people with disabilities all over the world. Go on, who do you think deserves to win?


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Watch the launch video for the Blackwood Design Awards!

The wheelchair controlled only with eyes - an interview

Seriously; can we joke about disability?

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