Problem with lifting legs into bed? What's a good solution?

bespoken was contacted this week by a member with a particular problem. Here it is in her own words. Can anyone suggest something in the comments section?

"This problem may be quite well known.

My husband has to pull his legs into bed manually by the legs of his pyjamas but as time goes on he weakens the thread in the pyjamas thus causing them to split, so I am permanently sewing them back together.

I was wondering if anyone has found a cure for this such as placing a strap around his ankles which would stand being pulled hard but not splitting and also would not be too tight around his ankles or leg to cause a problem with the blood supply.


Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated."

Your comments below please...


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 How about this strap? - When I worked as a "standard" community occupational therapist, this would be a fairly common solution for the kind of problem you describe.

Hi Helen and thanks for your input. Looks like a good and simple solution to the problem. You say you saw this problem or ones like it often in your work?

Reasonably often.  Lots of people, for lots of different reasons, have some difficulty lifting legs into bed. 

This alternative solution - pneumatic leg lifter - is rather more expensive.

I've also heard of people using a step or a box or other lower surface as an "intermediate" stage if they could not lift their legs all the way in one go.

If the Bespoken User types in "leg lifter" in her browser they should get a list of companies and there web sites for leg lifters at various prices.

I looked and they started at just over seven pounds.

This site gives practical and impartial advice along with information about suppliers and prices.   

Thanks for all the cracking feedback guys. Keep it coming. This is one of the core reasons bespoken was created in the first place. So that people anywhere in the world could ask for and offer support and advice on independent living and adaptations. You Rock!


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