As a former (very amateur) racer and generally keen "motorist" (am I letting my age slip with that language?) I'd love nothing more than to get behind the wheel of my old race car and head for the track again. In my case there are a dozen reasons why that has to remain a dream but if your particular set of inconveniences mean you'd still qualify for a race licence or, would simple like the freedom of driving yourself it looks like technology is coming that will help your dream come true.

This article ( describes how a race driver who lost all use of his limbs from the neck down has been given the ability to race again.

In case you think this is just something that lets him visit the local grocery store, he has "demonstrated" the car (and his abilities) by tackling Pike's Peak hill climb fast enough to to give his co-driver (US racer Bobby Unser Jr no less) "wet socks"! If you don't follow motor racing and have no idea how impressive that is take a look here ( and watch a couple of videos to get your own socks wet!

Good to see technology being used to help us.

Hope this keeps someone's dream alive.


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