How would you describe what a rubik’s cube is, to someone who is visually impaired? How does it function? Is it a puzzle? Or maybe even a game? 

Our ability to learn by observation and experience is probably one of our most primitive skills. However, living with a sight impairment can sometimes limit the opportunities to engage with new experiences and challenges. 

Brian Doom has created an accessible Rubik’s cube after finding that Braille Rubik’s cubes might be difficult to read after they’ve been flipped and rotated. His design not only incorporates different shapes and textures but also colours to assist partially sighted users, or even someone who wants to play in the dark! The Rubik’s cube is made with wood, plastic, felt, rubber and metal to allow a user to differentiate between the sides. 

Given that the objects protrude from the cube, and could be a choking hazard, the device might not be accessible to everyone. We’d love to know how you would improve this product, or suggest any other ideas to make puzzles and games more accessible!


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