At bespoken, we have just discovered that a new kind of supporting rail attached to the wall of stairs has recently been designed and manufactured by Stairseady Ltd. This handrail slides when users push and the handle locks when they put any pressure. 

This new kind of handrail helps to ascend and descend the stairs, allowing people to have a rest at any time. It maintains the sense of independence of users and it allows them to feel free, to feel more confident and to remain active.

This innovative safe equipment suits a huge number of people from children through elderly people. It can also assist people suffering from head injuries, chronic fatigue and people recovering from chemotherapy and long term medical conditions.

This handrail was developed a few years ago by the then 16 year old Ruth Amos who went on to win the “Young Engineer for Great Britain” award. It is quick to install, it can be traded, displaced and re-used as many times as the owner wishes.

Engineers and staff who work on the project can help any potential customers by advising them and proposing handrail which suits them the best in term of their needs.

If you have any experience about this handrail feel free to post a comment below.

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Looks like this would be really handy for anyone who needs a little help with stairs but doesn't want a cumbersome stair lift installed. It looks discreet as well as efficient.

Interesting interview with Ruth Amos who thought of the idea when still in school.



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