The question I would like to ask what kind of suitability for me just to move as when I ask this question everything goes to a stand still. With a wheelchair which I used and got a lot of pleasure out . The condition was not helping as over night i lost my hearing completely which the hospital said he does not no why this in short time as occurred. I had a scan now they said  i possibly go blind  but instead my top body was shaking like parkinsons but it was not the neurologist found my arms and hands have lost sensation. 3 days after my left eye began to go very blurry and darker my right eye was not as bad only slight. 2 days after i was completely blind and right up to this day i can see eye of a needle hand to face vision. now i have no chair as my sight no use in arms and hands which i have had every test going so now I bed bound as the spine is twisting in 2 parts with internal personal problems. Can any one know of some kind of item so i can just be outside for fresh air. 15 years ago i ran twice London marathon rock climbing  so i was very active and determine to get out and not give up so if anything can adapt it will be appreciated


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Dear Geoff,

We've put the word out and hopefully someone will come forward with some ideas. We will give the matter some more thought from our end. Thanks for getting in touch with us.


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