To sit a round a table with a mixed group of politicians

 and ask them why are you picking on the vunrable

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I would tell them they had to pretend they had a medical problem and then I would put them in wheelchairs, or on rolators, or walking sticks and crutches and then tell them they had to live this way for 2 weeks. They would be given the same amount of money to get through the two weeks as we get and they would be told that if they couldn't manage todress themselves, cook for themselves or clean or bathe etc etc they must use their money to hire home help. They would have to get on and off buses, cross pavements that were too high and dangerous for them. Do their shopping in corner shops where most can't take a power or manual chair without knocking everything over. Send them to a coffee shop and see if any of them could manage to carry their cup of tea and biscuit to a table. I would just make them live their two weeks with all the bad things that we have to put up with every day of our lives.

I totally get the reason why they need to sift out the cheats and liars who are claiming benefits when they are perfectly healthy but I fail to understand why they behave as though we are all malingerers. We have all been tarred with the same brush and now I find that people are looking down their nose at us and passing rude comments about us living off the tax payers. It's horrible when it happens to you. I get people tutting and sighing and shaking their head at me when I'm in the supermarket. It's as though they would have us all put down because in their eyes we are of no use to society any more, which is rubbish.


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