Does anyone else do this sport? Aaron Fotheringham (Wheelz) started it up for us! I saw him doing it as a kid, and now that I'm adult my mom can no longer say no to it. So, I raised the money up for a customized WCMX wheelchair built by SeanCo Custom Wheelchairs.

Just curious as to who has heard of it (if any) and if anyone is interested in it or is considering doing it! I have all the gear I need... Just need the new chair.

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Hi Brittany,

Hope that all has gone well for you in Wheelchari MX. Did you watch the Paralympics opening ceremony yesterday? Wheelz Fotheringham kick started the show with an epic stunt whilst strapped into his wheelchair.

Amazing display all round.


FYI here is Aaron Wheelz himself doing his now famous jump at the paralympics just the other week in Rio.


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