Re-vitalise gets a big thumbs up from Peter and Alistair

Both men are residents at Blackwood’s care home at Belses Gardens in Glasgow, and both men have each in turn gone on holiday with Re-vitalise. Verdict – 5 stars!

‘I got Peter into it’ Alistair says when we first sit down to talk about their experiences with the specialised holiday company.

With 3 different holiday destinations around the UK, Re-vitalise has a lot to offer.

As well as 24 hour assistance and care available from qualified nurses, volunteers are on hand to offer any assistance to guests. ‘When I got there, the volunteers did all my unpacking and later packed up for me when I was going away’, says Peter, who can be seen in photos with the volunteers, ‘they do a lot for you.’

Both Peter and Alistair went on their respective holidays to the revitalise holiday place in Southport in North West England where as well as great facilities and service, neither holiday maker was short of things to keep them occupied.

Sandpipers is the accommodation in Merseyside which, Peter tells us, has a lovely view and plenty of activities - ‘The place at Southport is looking over the waterfront and you can see into Blackpool and even the tower. I went to Blackpool for the day and went up to the Lake District twice’. And when he went down, Alistair was bang on time to see an air show which featured the RAF display team, the famous Red Arrows.

If you ever don’t fancy going out, the hotel itself puts on shows for the guests and is full of animation, ‘they also have entertainers in like singers or comedians’ Peter explains, ‘and there’s a great atmosphere among the guests, you make a lot of friends during your stay’. You can relax at the hotel by unwinding in the hydro-therapy pool which is on site, or by chilling and kicking back at the bar with a nice drink in your hand.

Revitalise was founded by Joan Brander MBE as the Winged Fellowship Trust in 1963. Being all too keenly aware of the isolation and frustration felt by many people with disabilities stuck at home, Joan set about creating facilities for people with disabilities and their families to benefit from a bit of respite in a beautiful and friendly environment.

Today Re-Vitalise currently provides nearly 5,000 high quality respite breaks each year for adults with a variety of physical disabilities across their three dedicated centres. They further state on their website their intention of establishing a further three centres to better meet increasing demand.

Both Peter and Alistair are planning return visits to a Re-Vitalise centre this year and looking forward to another great experience.

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