Disabled parking spaces are often a hot topic of debate, particularly among the non-disabled who are ignorant to the issues and difficulties facing disabled people.

But an organisation in Russia might just have an innovative solution to the problem of the non-disabled occupying the spaces offered for the disabled – a hologram.

When a car attempts to park in a disabled bay, a camera above detects whether a disabled sticker is present; if not, the driver is confronted with a hologram of a disabled person explaining their challenges.

Dislife – a pro-disabled rights organisation – teamed up with ad agency Y&R to come up with this innovative solution to a significant problem; it appears that this more direct approach is an effective way of tackling ignorance.

The campaign is called More than a sign and works by releasing water vapour upon which a picture is projected, creating a hologram. Wrongful parkers are faced with a disabled person making their point; one person says: ‘I face many challenges every day, your only challenge is to respect my rights.’

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Brilliant! That would stop my parking rage for sure.
Unless it went the other way and people did it just to watch it...I reckon a massive RUDE!! And THOUGHTLESS and a big beeper that's so embarrassing they have to move could be quite good too ;)

I agree, some sort of noise with this - at the end - like 'Boooo' or some sign of disapproval would make this even stronger. Or just 'This able-bodied person has just parked in a disabled space. Where do you want ME to park?'

What an innovative idea. I certainly think it would scare some people into not parking in disabled spots, but I honestly believe some of the die-hards are just going to carry on parking inappropriately. I have even seen some of them parking across the dividing line so in effect taking up two parking places! My daughter and I are quite vocal when we go out and see non-disabled people parking in disabled splaces. Sadly despite our nice approach towards these people and our explanation of why disabled people need these spaces, we have had nothing but abuse in return. We have tried to get supermarkets to be a bit more responsable but we have been told that while they provede disabled parking spaces, it is too expensive for them to police their car parks and therefore there is no rule/law breaking occuring. That was what Morrisons customer service told us when we complained. Apparently if a car park belongs to the shop or facility you are visiting then it is classed as a private car park and it is up to the shop/facility to provide policing. If the car park belongs to the council then it can be an offence to park in a disabled space and the person will be fined if caught. It was a £60 fine but I'm not sure if that has gone up now. Also, you need to remember that if you don't have a Blue Badge or you have forgotten to take it with you, then you can't park in a disabled space and you will be fined if you do so. I was recently informed by the council that you can also be fined if you put your blue badge the wrong way up. It should always be placed photo side down on your dashboard so that it can be read easily by the car park attendant. The laws governing blue badge holders in Scotland  are different to the rest of the UK, so make sure you have read the terms and conditions for where you live and where you intend to visit.

It's 2015 and while more disabled people are at last being able to get out and about thanks to the amazing mobility inventions, wheelchairs and various aids, they can find themselves unable to get out of their car because some thoughtless people have used up all the disabled parking. I truely hope this new invention is considered and tested here. I think I would like to hear the thoughtless motorist getting a loud dressing down. I imagine it would be funny to other motorists and there is nothing more embarrassing than someone laughing at you.


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